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"Through yoga we practice intimacy; we are getting to know our selves.

By becoming more intimate with ourselves, we can in turn become more intimate with others."

After practicing yoga for almost 20 years, it is with joy that I share weekly Vinyasa and Yin classes at Noosa Flow.

Yoga, an ancient practice born in India, offers a myriad of benefits for both the body and mind. Regular yoga practice promotes increased flexibility, strength, and balance; it improves your posture, boosts the immune system, and enhances overall body awareness.


Beyond the physical benefits, yoga cultivates mindfulness and relaxation through breath control and meditation, reducing stress and anxiety. It improves focus, concentration, and overall mental well-being.


Most importantly though, yoga is a pathway to open up our inner world, allowing us to tap into our natural wisdom and discover new perspectives on what it means to be alive.

In the words of Donna Farhi:

"The same force that moves the tides, opens a flower, or creates lightning in a storm animates our bodies. This life force moves the breath, the fluids, and the current flowing through our nerves as well as the inner workings of each and every cell. This animating principle is the force behind all the organs of perception: hearing, touch, taste, smell, and sight.


Although not itself a solid substance, this life force infuses the body and manifests as the light shining from our eyes, the glow of the skin, and the timbre of the voice. As this force moves through the body, it influences the shape and form of our structure, creating our posture, the rhythm of our walk, and the character of our faces.


Everything that has ever happened to us—our birth, the fall from a tree at the age of six, our thoughts and feelings, what we eat, the climate in which we live—is inscribed upon our body, creating a living archaeological record. When we develop an awareness of the interior movement that permeates the body, we gain access to the movement of our minds. Yoga is a means of reviving our connection to this natural wisdom."


Vinyasa and Yin classes can be booked on Fridays and Sundays at Noosa Flow via the app or website.

Private 1:1 and small group sessions are also available on request.

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