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“I am incredibly grateful for Noosa Flow and Victoria in particular. I injured my hip earlier in the year and from the end of June, commenced a private session with Victoria, once a week, to rehab my hip and rest of my body. These sessions have proven beneficial on multiple levels. I feel stronger physically, but I also have a greater connection to myself and am much better at listening to what my body needs. Victoria is an amazing instructor. Professional, effortlessly kind, compassionate, encouraging and engaging. She has been attentive to the nuance of my injury, and supported me to gain confidence and strength. Each session has been a delight to attend and I couldn’t imagine being as far ahead as I am in my rehab journey without her and what Noosa Flow has to offer. Thank you, Vic.” - Elisa


"We have been having private classes with Vicki for over two years and can't fault her teaching. Vicki has helped immensely with my husbands rehabilitation and we are both so much stronger and healthier. We both now also attend the group reformer classes - highly recommend. Always lots of fun and laughter." - Kylie

"Recovering from back and hip injuries I tentatively began my Pilates journey. Starting with Trio sessions with Victoria, I have felt such an improvement in my mobility, flexibility and confidence… my pain has virtually gone. Victoria is caring, intuitive and extremely knowledgeable about physiology and knows the ideal movements to help my particular needs! I have added in the beginner reformer classes and just love them!" - Stephanie

"Victoria creates a beautiful safe space. As soon as I lay down I felt myself relaxing and before I knew it I was far away from my day to day stresses and thoughts, and I began to feel the sensation of the energy in my body releasing, shifting and moving. My intention for my session was to leave feeling as though I had a clean slate and I totally did. I loved the cards and picking a precious stone that you can leave with, it tied the whole experience beautifully together and had me leaving feeling complete and with things to contemplate." - Madeleine


"Not only was this an experience I will never forget, I am blown away by what the body, mind and soul can do in the right environment. I’m full of possibility & truly thankful for an out of body experience with so much peace, energy & wonderment. Thank you Vic, you’re one in a million!" - Lois

 "Victoria holds a safe and powerful space to reveal potent insights to your state.  Her energy is potent; a real gift." - Amelia  

"Victoria is an amazing reiki practitioner. She is so open and generous with her time and energy, and really listens to you, both beforehand when you're chatting over a cup of tea, and also to what your energy is telling her. I love the experience of reiki with Victoria, I find it so meditative and it opens up things for me that I normally wouldn't consider or think about, and it helps me find balance, acceptance and non attachment (as well as making me think more about my own personal meditation practice)." - Jennifer

"Victoria is a being of such gentle warmth, nurturing luminosity, and down to earth. I received a Reiki session with Victoria and felt her intuition and gentle guidance so nourishing and clear, the insights were helpful and rippled also beyond our session. I am so grateful to have experienced and received so in our session, and I highly recommend Victoria to anyone feeling resonance to work with her :) A beautiful gem of such safe holding and high integrity." - Janelle

"Thank you again for such a special journey towards my inner self. As with the times before, I gained some clearness afterwards and got more in touch with the inner me. Again, it was not what I expected but as always I don’t really expect something, just maybe to feel a bit better and I certainly did." - Sophie

"A Reiki session with Victoria is an absolute delight. She managed to unblock me mentally, and I have been in a wonderful state of flow for over a week now which I can’t remember ever happening. Vic is a thoughtful listener, and her love for her practice and clients truly shines through. I left feeling rested, relaxed and full of gratitude and joy - it was a fabulous way to spend a Friday night!" - Abby




"Victoria came in to do a half hour meditation in our office, which was an absolutely amazing way for the team to start the day. There were lots of different levels between those that had and hadn't meditated before, but she made sure it was accessible for everyone. Very relaxing, would highly recommend!" - Carsguide

Personal Training.

"Victoria is just so lovely and a really a total star! I started seeing her a while ago and she has just been so patient and fun, and she has really tailored the training to my needs. No other PT has been so good at getting results from me.


She takes the time to work out a program that is interesting and challenging but never pushes beyond what you can do.


Viva Victoria! Thanks again..." - Trevor

"Before I signed up for personal training with Victoria I was a little bit intimidated. I thought, 'what if she pushes me too hard?".

"What if I struggle too much and I'm too embarrassed to say anything"?

"What if I have a freaking heart attack at her feet?".


By the second session all my worries disappeared and rather than dreading the sessions I started to look forward to them. Victoria is energetic, positive and very aware and understanding of personal fitness levels. She was there to help me meet my goals and could tell if I needed a moment to recover.


She knew just how hard to push and is just such a pleasure to be around! She taught me how to reach my goals and gave me a fantastic eating plan which worked for me. I remember these sessions only with fondness and recommend her to anyone looking for a bit of a health boost. I came away not only looking healthier but feeling much more healthy, happy and confident." - Gemma

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